Protect yourself with Vaccines, Grow healthy with Tokyu Land Indonesia

Tokyu Land Indonesia did the 7th CSR on 2021 at BSD with the theme “Protect yourself with Vaccines, Grow healthy with Tokyu Land Indonesia”.

The Covid-19 pandemic is entering its second year since the case was first discovered in China at the end of 2019. To support the Indonesian government’s efforts to create the Herd Immunity, by targeting vaccination of at least 75% of the total population of Indonesia, PT Tokyu Land Indonesia (TLID) collaborates with Djajakusumah Hospital, Halodoc, Polda Metro Jaya Department of Medicine and Health (Biddokes) and the Indonesian Ministry of Health. has succeeded in provided a COVID-19 Vaccination center which was held on 18 September and 30 October 2021 at the Marketing Gallery BRANZ BSD, Tangerang Banten. By targeting 1,000 doses of vaccination, the enthusiasm of the community is quite high. There are 2 types of vaccinations given, there are Astra Zeneca for vaccination on September 18 and Pfizer for vaccination on October 30, 2021.

“This COVID-19 vaccination center, which is held free of charge by PT Tokyu Land Indonesia, is fully open to the public, both for local people and foreign nationals who live in Indonesia,” Hidetatsu Ikeda (President Director of TLID in his remarks). The COVID-19 vaccination center program by PT Tokyu Land Indonesia is one of many corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that have been actively held every year since 2012. Previously, we also routinely carried out tree planting activities in various regions in Indonesia, such as planting mangrove trees in Taman Wisata Angke Kapuk, on Pari Island, Thousand Islands, and planting trees in other areas.