Commentary From Advisor


I first entered the world of property development when I joined PT Puteraco Indah, the first property developer in Bandung that worked together with Tokyu Land Corporation in building a 300-unit housing complex on a 25-hectare land. I learned a lot from Tokyu Land Corporation’s thoughtful and detailed planning. Even though it was tiring at times because of the tight schedule, I eventually managed to get used to it. The project went as planned and was sold out in three years. This experience helped me get appointed as The Head of Real Estate Indonesia, West Java branch from 1985-1993.

My interaction with the team of Tokyu Land Corporation while working on the joint project in Bandung lead me to believe that the Japanese people are very hardworking perfectionist who does not tolerate mistakes. Any mistake made will be analysed so that it will not be repeated in the future.

Tokyu Land Corporation imbued every project that they develop with the highest level of quality, such is the same with Tokyu Land Indonesia. Tokyu Land Indonesia was established in 2012 with the intention of taking advantage of skill and trust that was built for more than 40 years. In 2015 Tokyu Land Indonesia launched “Branz” in Indonesia, a condominium brand that was developed in Japan by Tokyu Land Corporation.

BRANZ is the first Japanese condominium brand by a Japanese company that expanded their brand to overseas market. BRANZ represents our strong desire to create roots in Indonesia, and to grow and prosper together in this country. Our intention is to provide something more to Indonesia by creating new values through serving the needs of Indonesian customer with Japanese high quality.

Together with Tokyu Land Corporation, I aspire to make property development in Indonesia to be better and to have higher quality. Therefore, to support the development of the property industry in Indonesia, I am taking the role as an advisor in Tokyu Land Indonesia. I am very proud to be an advisor in Tokyu Land Indonesia. I believe that Tokyu Land Indonesia will continuously contribute to Indonesia through condominium and real estate developments.

Mohamad S. Hidayat