Hospitality Quality of Japan


Tradition and progress. Technology and sensibility. People and nature. Taking on a new type of urban development that unites all values into one.

TOKYU LAND INDONESIA was established to inherit the technology and spirit that built the Japan we know today. Our mission is to create new lifestyles by uniting various values, while protecting the climate and culture of Indonesia. We seek to provide for the future of Indonesia through urban development.

Our aim is to be a completely unique real estate developer, honest in helping Indonesia achieve development.Innovation doesn’t happen with compromise. Our challenge begins, based on pushing ourselves to the limit.We will strive to meet your expectations.

Since ancient times, shown by the traditions of judo, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and calligraphy, the Japanese people have referred to skill-learning and improvement of the mind as “the way.” The Japanese people take pride in mastering the secrets of “the way.” Urban development is but one of “the ways.” We seek to add to Indonesia’s development with an uncompromising spirit, nurtured through the traditions and culture of Japan.
Bringing the spirit of hospitality
and craftsmanship to Indonesia,
nurtured proudly through the
traditions and culture of Japan.

Harnessing our distinct character as
a Japanese corporation with
a deep knowledge of Indonesia.
We propose beautiful, comfortable,
and rich lifestyles that seek to protect
both natural environments and culture.

Since Tokyu Land Corporation launched its business here in 1975, we have forged deep, strong bonds with Indonesia.

Throughout our history here, we have endeavored to put down roots in this country while loving its people, understanding the lifestyle and culture, and cherishing the rich blessings of nature.

By combining our know-how as a Japanese corporation with our knowledge accumulated over a long period of time, and through urban development that only we are capable of realizing, we seek to contribute to Indonesia’s development.

Providing the homes and lifestyles that the world desires.
Changing what a “premium residence” means,
starting with Indonesia.

Even within Asia, which continues to rapidly develop, Indonesia is one of the countries in the region that has drawn incredible attention.

It welcomes a wide variety of visitors as a business and cultural hub. Hence, we aim to create suitable homes for a country that will support Asia’s future.

From our base here in Indonesia, we will propose a style of premium residences for the coming future.