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President director’s message :

We will continue our business by aiming high and keeping in our mind the goal of continuing to contribute the development in Indonesia

TOKYU LAND INDONESIA is a member of Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation, one of Japan's leading comprehensive developers. The relationship between Indonesia and Tokyu Land Corporation began in 1975 with a project in Bandung followed with a project in Jakarta in the year 1981. Until now we have supplied 4,500 residential units and we are proud to have been entering Indonesia for the longest time among major Japanese developers.

Through the years, we have overcome various problems such as unstable political situation and the Asian currency crisis in order to build our achievements and trust.

The support of the Indonesian people enables us to continue our business for many years. Based on that foundation, there is no doubt that there is a strong trusting relationship and sense of trust between Indonesia and Japan.

Tokyu Land Indonesia was established in 2012, after developing abundant experience of the knowhow and trust for more than 40 years in Indonesia. Tokyu Land Indonesia was built with having a strength of the group of Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation, our wealth of experience as a comprehensive Japanese developer, and we aim to develop new endeavours in Indonesia. In 2018 we completed and started hand-over two condominium project, “BRANZ Simatupang” and “BRANZ BSD Ai”. As a comprehensive property developer, Tokyu Land Indonesia will expand our business into real estate leasing business, real estate finance business, and real estate operation and management business. We will create new value in Indonesia by combining the needs of Indonesian customers with Japanese high quality.

Mr. Noboru Goto, the first President of Tokyu Land Corporation, once said that “the 21st century will be the era of Pacific and the era of ASEAN”. Today his words have become a reality, we are rooted in the region and we will continue to develop our business with enthusiasm.

Hidetatsu Ikeda
President Director