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Tokyu Fudosan Holdings—Continuing to create new value for living, business, and culture in Japan

Tokyu Fudosan Holdings has taken a proactive stance toward spin-offs into separate subsidiaries, in order to develop a high level of specialization in all of its business activities. Currently, nearly 109 group companies continue to tackle challenges in their respective business domains.
There are more than 19,000 employees at Tokyu Fudosan Holdings. Each one is a business professional committed to perseverance and facing challenges, while keeping a vision of the future in mind for the customer.
Founded upon the concepts of safety, security, and comfort, we build about 2,100 houses and condominiums in Japan for sale per year that fulfil the dreams of every single customer. Until now, we have sold a total of 88,000 residences. Going forward, we will continue building houses and condominiums that represent our steadfast values.
Tokyu Land Corporation’s office building business manages 59 office buildings in the heart of the capital, and has been one of our core businesses since the company was established. We are committed to ensuring safety, security, and comfort; and we provide many diverse values in addition to supporting the needs of an office.
We develop office buildings based on both “hard” and “soft” aspects. This lets us create buildings that can maximize a business’s potential while remaining environmentally and people-friendly. We have expanded our office leasing business to cover a total surface area of about 646,000 Square meter.
Tokyu Fudosan Holdings made consolidated net sales of US$7.8 billion for fiscal 2015. Heading into the future, we will use the Group’s management resources to the best of our ability, further evolve our business model, and continue to create new value while always keeping future generations in mind.
* Current as of April 2016

Creating urban landscapes, supporting lifestyles, and opening doors to the future. Tokyu Fudosan Holdings’ business ties in to all aspects of life.


omfortable offices that

speed up business development

We pursue developing office buildings from both “hard” and “soft” aspects, in order to create buildings that can maximize a business’s potential while remaining environmentally and people-friendly. Various projects that will unlock the future of businesses are in progress.


roviding support for secure and healthy senior living

Japan now faces the issue of a rapidly-aging society, and naturally there is growing interest in providing quality living for senior citizens. Tokyu Fudosan has developed Senior Residences which provide hotel-like services, so that senior citizens can live in security into the future. It has also developed Care Residences as well, which come with nursing care services for those needing regular care throughout the day. We guarantee secure homes that last a lifetime, and provide assistance for healthy living.


esorts that heal people, and are kind to the environment

We want to add color and flavor to your busy daily lives, helping you enjoy a richer life. We at Tokyu Fudosan have developed our resort business based on the basic philosophy of “coexistence and harmony with nature and people.” In order to respond to a broad range of diverse values and lifestyles, we are developing resorts and leisure facilities soon to be in demand by consumers. These include our resort complex “Tokyu Resort Town,” as well as other exclusive members-only hotels, golf courses, ski resorts, and holiday homes and villas.


oldly proposing a new style of working

The rapid development of IT, and the fall in production and working populations, have brought about improvements in productivity of business people, as well as a shift toward variable costs for the office. In light of this, Business Airport is our members-only satellite office that aims to respond to the social needs that companies confront. Similar to an international airport where all types of people come to depart on flights, we seek to help our customers’ businesses take flight. In addition to providing a comfortable business space, we also propose a new style of working for the future.


ommercial facilities that create new value for the city

Based on our track record of success in urban development, and by harnessing the power of the Group network, we provide total planning and support services for commercial facilities, spanning everything from planning and development to management. We are committed to creating facilities that harmonize with the city, are rooted in the community, and which will grow and evolve together with the region. Currently, we are involved in projects that aim to further enhance the value of Tokyo.


omes that fulfill dreams and desires

Founded upon the concepts of safety and security, we create homes that can fulfill the dreams and desires of each and every customer. Beginning with our condominium and landed housing brand “BRANZ”, which provides sophisticated residential spaces of high quality, we provide homes for the future, such as rental condominium units which let residents enjoy smart, urban lifestyles.


verseas projects

In the 40 years since the company entered the Indonesia market, Tokyu Fudosan has turned its eyes to the world and its future. Since 2013, it has invested in various types of real estate from its base in Los Angeles, including creative offices in Los Angeles and apartments in Houston. While entering into cooperative businesses with Japanese and local companies, it aims to steadily continue expanding its business into the future. It has also launched condominium projects in China, in Qingdao and Dalian; as well as complex development projects in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Tokyu Fudosan will continue to anticipate what the world and our lifestyles will be like in the next 10 or 20 years, and expand its scope of challenges across the world.

Tokyu Group Companies

Creating urban landscapes, supporting lifestyles, and opening doors to the future. Tokyu Fudosan Holdings’ business ties in to all aspects of life.

Creator of colorful lifestyles

TOKYU HANDS INC. offers a wide range of products to meet diverse needs, including basic goods that are rooted in the everyday lives of its customers. It considers all of its products to be “materials” for enriching the lives of customers, and it has strived to build up a rich line-up of such “materials.” This wealth of “materials” represents precisely the product appeal of TOKYU HANDS. Through this product appeal, the company aims to bring to its customers the joy of discovering objects and ideas that are unique to TOKYU HANDS.

Meeting all needs for real estate

Tokyu Livable runs a comprehensive real estate logistics business, whose four pillars are real estate brokerage, real estate solutions, leasing, and sales contracting. Through cooperation between the respective businesses, Tokyu Livable responds to all real estate needs, from housing to utilization and investment in real estate. By providing support for the real estate strategies of companies, and making rich housing lives for customers a reality, the company aims to contribute to the development and stability of society.

Maintaining and improving the permanent value of real estate

Tokyu Community has an established track record of success in managing a wide range of facilities, which include condominiums, buildings, and public facilities. Besides providing comfortable environments for residents and users alike, it also provides support for the foundation of building management by maintaining asset value, as well as working on the maintenance of facility functions. As your ideal partner in creating future value which supports safe and secure lifestyles and the business environment, we propose optimal management solutions to maintain and improve the permanent value of real estate.

Supporting healthy lifestyles

Through its business of fitness club management and accompanying subsidiary businesses, Tokyu Sports Oasis proposes and provides healthy lifestyles for those wishing to maintain a healthy and comfortable body and mind. Tokyu Sports Oasis offers a rich variety of programs to help people remain energetic and full of stamina, and contributes to creating an enriched society.

Supporting comfortable long stays in Tokyo

We aim to deliver secure and comfortable Tokyo lifestyles to guests visiting the city for business or tourism. 16 Tokyu Stay hotels are located in convenient locations, providing easy access to key places across Tokyo. Spacious rooms, washers and dryers, mini-kitchens, and a rich line-up of other facilities and services are available in our long-term and consecutive stay hotels, which provide support for guests on tourism and business trips.

From new homes to renovations—Rich lifestyle proposals

Tokyu Homes is a corporation providing comprehensive housing and living solutions. It is capable of proposing and implementing rich lifestyles for customers, including building new homes, renovations, interior decoration, and residence maintenance. Through our experience and knowhow built up over many years, the company is expanding its business beyond housing to the renovation, maintenance, and management support of managed facilities, as well as the asset utilization business.