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Webinar Event February 2022


25th February 2022

“New year, new spirit, new opportunity.”

These three words can describe the hopes of developers in Indonesia, as well as globally. We know that 2020 and 2021 was the tough years for everyone, without exception. However, entering 2022, we have the new expectation, so that the national property sector can back to normal, like before.

To read about the prospects for the national property market this year, PT Tokyu Land Indonesia in collaboration with held a webinar with the theme "Reading Property Prospects in the Year of the Tiger."

Collaborating with property experts such as Mr. Ruby Herman and Mr. Timothy Eugene Alamsyah as well as a fengshui expert, Mr. Yulius Fang, providing a very good perspective on what property sector should be monitored and the best location for us to start investing in property during times of a pandemic nowadays.

Speakers agreed that 2022 will be a stable year for property investment. Driven by the needs of the property, especially the residential property, which is still in high demand, as well as the stimulus from the government in the form of VAT incentives which has started from last year, this is a strong reason that the property sector in 2022 will be more stable than the previous year.

The enthusiasm of the webinar participants was quite high. It is evident by many questions asked and responses from the speakers that this webinar event is quite interesting. With the number of participants reaching 255 people, it proves that the public is starting to become aware of the importance of the property investment, and can be a sign that the property sector is slowly starting to recover as before, or could be better.

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