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BRANZ Mega Kuningan, Premium Quality Condominium Built with Experience

8th March 2023

BRANZ Mega Kuningan is a modern, high-quality, and luxurious condominium for enriching urban life, located strategically in the middle of the largest CBD in Jakarta. It doesn't need any effort to reach various locations, such as office areas, shopping centers, hospitals, and diplomatic offices. Another advantage is the ease of access because BRANZ Mega Kuningan can be reached by private or public transportation. In addition, to provide comfort for its residents, BRANZ Mega Kuningan is also equipped with five-star facilities.

As the developer, Tokyu Land Indonesia is working with Shimizu Corporation to construct the real estate building. To actualize one of the points of the "Expand Your Life" tagline, "All Japan Quality." As a Japanese construction company with 218 years of experience, Shimizu Corporation already has standards to present premium quality buildings.

About Shimizu Corporation

Shimizu Corporation was formed in Japan in 1804 by a carpenter named Kisuke Shimizu I. He has aspired to devote himself to creating quality, reliable structures. Until now, Shimizu Corporation has built hundreds of constructions from offices, hotels, bridges, and wind farms.

Coming from Japan, a country prone to earthquakes, Shimizu Corporation is proficient in constructing buildings that minimize the impact of these natural disasters. So now, all the structures have implemented earthquake-resistant technology, a differentiator from other construction companies.

After having long experience in constructing various buildings in Japan, in 1980, Shimizu Corporation finally opened the Jakarta Branch Office. In its latest project, Shimizu Corporation is collaborating with Tokyu Land Indonesia to build a premium real estate product called BRANZ Mega Kuningan in Indonesia.

Construction Quality of BRANZ Mega Kuningan

Like Japan, Indonesia is also a country that is prone to earthquakes. Therefore, when building BRANZ Mega Kuningan, Shimizu Corporation also implemented earthquake-resistance technology through the design and construction of its buildings.

Located in the same Ring of Fire area as Japan, Indonesia is also vulnerable to earthquakes. Therefore, when building BRANZ Mega Kuningan, Shimizu Corporation also implemented earthquake-resistance technology through the design and construction of its buildings. Such as employing a dual system of reinforced concrete earthquake-resistant walls and supported concrete columns to beam Rahmen frames to ensure the strength and rigidity of the building.

The two integrated towers of BRANZ Mega Kuningan also make it more possible to suppress deformation during an earthquake than usual. By implementing these technologies, buildings designed by Shimizu Corporation have good construction quality. Also, produce a structure with displacement reduced to about half of the limit required by the design standards and reduce the possibility of building damage due to earthquakes.

Here are some of the main points made by Shimizu Corporation to improve the construction quality of BRANZ Mega Kuningan.

  • Reinforcing Ground Construction Method

A reinforced bar (rebar), or concrete reinforcing steel, is one of the essential elements when constructing a building because it acts as the primary support and forms the shape of the structure of a building. Usually, at a construction site, the rebar assembly work is performed where the rebar will be used, usually in high places.

However, during the construction of BRANZ Mega Kuningan, the rebar assembly work is performed in a more stable location: the ground floor assembly yard. This has been done in Japan in recent years, and it is proven that the quality of each assembled rebar can be better controlled.

  • Building a Pre-Cast Concrete

Generally, concrete is cast manually on site when building a structure; this causes the possibility of differences in the quality of each concrete.

To make construction work more efficient, we chose to use pre-cast concrete. A factory-assembled concrete module has a more reliable and guaranteed quality because it has clear standardization. It makes work more efficient because construction workers can install the pre-cast concrete with a crane.

  • Using a Safety Screen

Unlike the construction of buildings in general, which usually only use a safety screen. During the construction of BRANZ Mega Kuningan, a layered safety screen was used to improve the safety of construction workers.

Compared to using a gondola which is very unstable when doing work such as finishing on the exterior, it is very dangerous, and the quality of the work could be better controlled. We use scaffolding which can be used for building construction, finishing on the exterior, and detailed checking by the construction manager.

Environmental Consideration

Environmental issues were also one of the things to consider when building BRANZ Mega Kuningan. So we also carry out various considerations so as not to impact environmental pollution.

One of them is by reducing the use of wood which is usually used as temporary formwork when pouring concrete. We do this by replacing formwork made of wood with metal or resin that can be used repeatedly. The materials we use were directly imported from Singapore and Germany, which are known to have the best quality.


By working with Shimizu Corporation, which has 218 years of experience in building construction, Tokyu Land Indonesia guarantees that BRANZ Mega Kuningan has premium construction quality. Besides having earthquake-resistant technology, the materials used in building it are also of the best quality.

For those who are looking for a condominium which implemented the premium quality technology from Japan, BRANZ Mega Kuningan is the right choice.

Get more information about BRANZ Mega Kuningan products by contacting (+621) 2918 3199, WA Business BRANZ Mega Kuningan (+62)85-777-890-109, or visiting Instagram @branzmegakuninganofficial.

Visit the BRANZ Mega Kuningan Office: 

Noble House Building, 33rd Fl, Unit 3, 4, 5, 6

Jln. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, Kavling E.4.2, No.2

Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, 12950

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